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Kriyayogasara Purana

Unveiling the Essence of Action and Yoga


The Kriyayogasara Purana stands as a revered text in Hindu religious literature, offering profound insights into the essence of action and yoga. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Hindu tradition, this Purana delves into the concept of kriya yoga—a spiritual path that combines selfless action, devotion, and self-discipline. The Kriyayogasara Purana serves as a guide for individuals seeking to integrate spiritual principles into their daily lives and attain union with the divine. In this article, we explore the Kriyayogasara Purana, unravel its teachings, and delve into its significance within Hindu religious beliefs.

Understanding Kriya Yoga:

The Kriyayogasara Purana elucidates the fundamental principles and practices of kriya yoga. It expounds on the three main components of kriya yoga: karma yoga (the path of selfless action), bhakti yoga (the path of devotion), and jnana yoga (the path of knowledge). Through the integration of these paths, individuals are guided towards self-realization and spiritual enlightenment. This section delves into the philosophy and practical application of kriya yoga, emphasizing the transformative power of action and its role in the spiritual journey.

The Essence of Selfless Action:

The Kriyayogasara Purana emphasizes the importance of selfless action as a means to purify the mind, cultivate virtues, and attain spiritual growth. It expounds on the concept of nishkama karma, actions performed without attachment to the fruits of one’s labor. By engaging in selfless acts of service, individuals overcome egoistic tendencies and develop a sense of unity with all beings. This section explores the significance of selfless action in the pursuit of spiritual evolution and the attainment of inner harmony.

Devotion as a Path to Union:

Devotion, or bhakti, is a vital aspect of the Kriyayogasara Purana. It emphasizes the practice of surrendering oneself to the divine and cultivating a deep sense of love and devotion towards the Supreme. This section delves into the different forms of devotion, such as bhakti through prayer, chanting, and rituals. It explores the transformative power of devotion in purifying the heart, awakening divine qualities, and fostering a deep connection with the divine.

Self-Discipline and Spiritual Practice:

The Kriyayogasara Purana lays great emphasis on self-discipline and the regular practice of spiritual techniques. It elucidates the importance of asanas (postures), pranayama (breath control), and meditation in purifying the body and mind, and attaining spiritual awakening. This section delves into the practices prescribed by the Purana, highlighting their benefits, techniques, and the profound impact they have on the practitioner’s journey towards self-realization.

Integration of Action and Contemplation:

The Kriyayogasara Purana emphasizes the integration of action and contemplation as essential aspects of spiritual growth. It highlights the significance of engaging in selfless actions while maintaining a contemplative awareness of the divine presence. This section explores the harmonious union of action and meditation, guiding individuals to cultivate mindfulness and spiritual awareness in every moment of their lives.

Relevance in the Modern World:

Despite its ancient origins, the teachings of the Kriyayogasara Purana hold great relevance in the modern world. This section explores how the principles and practices of kriya yoga can be applied to address contemporary challenges, alleviate stress, and foster personal well-being. It discusses the role of selfless action, devotion, and self-discipline in navigating the complexities of the modern lifestyle while nurturing one’s spiritual growth.


The Kriyayogasara Purana stands as a timeless guide, offering profound insights into the essence of action and yoga in Hindu religious beliefs. It presents the path of kriya yoga as a transformative journey that integrates selfless action, devotion, and self-discipline to attain spiritual union. The teachings of this Purana inspire individuals to infuse their actions with selflessness, cultivate devotion, and engage in spiritual practices to deepen their connection with the divine. In a world filled with distractions, the Kriyayogasara Purana serves as a beacon of wisdom, guiding individuals on a path of self-realization and inner harmony. By integrating the principles of kriya yoga into their lives, practitioners can embark on a transformative journey towards spiritual awakening and experience the profound joy of union with the divine.

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