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Interesting Facts About Puranas

Puranas hold several interesting facts that contribute to their significance and impact. Here are some notable facts about the Puranas:

Classification and Relation:

The Puranas belong to the class of Suhrit-Sammitas or Friendly Treatises. They are closely related to the Itihasas (Ramayana and Mahabharata), which are epic narratives of great importance in Hinduism.

Bridging the Gap:

The Puranas serve the purpose of bringing people closer to the gods. They present complex spiritual teachings and yogic philosophies from the ancient Vedic texts in a simple and accessible manner.

Dedicated to Deities:

Each Purana is dedicated to certain deities, emphasizing their significance and exploring their stories, teachings, and divine exploits.

Devotional Emphasis:

The Puranas hold immense importance in the Bhakti Yoga tradition, which emphasizes devotion to the divine. They utilize entertaining myths and stories to cultivate devotion, making them an essential source for those practicing Bhakti Yoga.

Essence of Spiritual Teachings:

The Puranas encapsulate the essence of spiritual teachings, encompassing various aspects of Yoga, including Bhakti Yoga, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, and Dhyana. They provide guidance on disciplines, virtues, breathing techniques, withdrawal of senses, concentration, and meditation.

Reflection of Society:

The Puranas offer insights into the growth of Hindu Dharma and the societal conditions of ancient times. They shed light on social customs, religious ceremonies, and yogic methods of discipline prevalent during those periods.

Re-establishing the Eternal Relationship:

The ultimate aim of the Puranas is to re-establish the eternal relationship between living beings and God. They are created to enable individuals from any social class to experience the compassion and greatness of God and to deepen their spiritual connection.


The Puranas, with their rich narratives, devotionally charged content, and profound teachings, continue to be cherished as an integral part of Hindu religious and spiritual traditions. They play a significant role in disseminating wisdom, promoting devotion, and guiding individuals on their spiritual journey.

Editor – Kaalchakra Team

[ Note – Before Concluding anything as a Finale, Please Go through Original Scriptures of Vaidik Literature Written in Sanskrit and Also with Meaning of That time of Language. Because English is a Limited language to Explaining the Deeper Knowledge of Vaidik Kaal. ]