The Twice-Born Lord

Dvija Ganapati

Delving into the Sacred Thread-Wearing Form of Ganesha

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Dvija Ganapati : The Twice-Born Lord of Knowledge and Wealth

Introduction :

Dvija Ganapati, one of the captivating forms of Lord Ganesha, stands apart with his four heads, four arms, and a radiant, moon-like complexion. This form, often associated with Lord Brahma, bears a unique significance that revolves around the concept of being “twice-born” or “Dvija.”

Appearance and Attributes :

Dvija Ganapati is distinguished by his four heads, symbolizing his all-encompassing wisdom and knowledge. In his four arms, he carries a variety of symbolic elements: a palm-leaf inscription (pustaka), a sacred staff, meditation beads (rudraksha), and a water pot (kamandalu). These attributes collectively represent his role as a bestower of knowledge and wealth.

Symbolism :

The term “Dvija” refers to being “born twice.” It serves as a reminder of the profound story of Lord Shiva beheading Ganesha and later reviving him with an elephant’s head. This resurrection is analogous to the idea of being “born again.” In this context, Dvija Ganapati is considered equivalent to Lord Brahma, who is revered as the creator in Hindu mythology.

Worshipping Dvija Ganapati is believed to bring goodwill and fame into the lives of devotees, both personally and professionally. He imparts knowledge, blesses with wealth, and guides individuals on their journey toward wisdom.

Worship and Significance :

Devotees seeking knowledge, success, and prosperity often turn to Dvija Ganapati in their worship. The recitation of the following Dhyana Mantra while meditating upon Dvija Ganapati is customary:

Yah pustakaksha gunadanda kamandalu Shrih
Nirvarthya maana karabhushana mindu varnam
Sthamberamanana chaturbhuja shobhamanam
Thwaam samsmarethi dwija ganadhipathim sa dhanyah

The gentle, moon-like complexion of Dvija Ganapati is associated with purity and tranquility, reflecting the calm presence of this form of Lord Ganesha. Worshipping Dvija Ganapati is an act of seeking knowledge, wisdom, and material prosperity while embracing the idea of rebirth and renewal.

Conclusion :

Dvija Ganapati embodies the profound concept of being “twice-born” and serves as a divine guide on the path to knowledge and wealth. His worship offers blessings, wisdom, and the potential for renewed success in the lives of his devoted followers.

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